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Why Mojosurf?

Surf Lessons - Mojo Style

no experience required - From the most beginner learn to surf level, we’ll have you riding waves enjoying the time of your life before you know it!

coolest instructors - Our surf instructors are all fully qualified, amazing surfers, and damn sexy too!!

equipment and locations - We have hand-picked the best beaches in Australia and specially designed equipment to aid the learning process, and make ya look cool while ya doing it.

Experience - Mojo Style

its all about having the time of your life in some of the most beautiful beaches in Australia.

The Mojosurf culture is a totally unique experience. From the moment you start your Mojosurf adventure you’ll see the passion and enthusiasm that we have for the surf and beach culture. The beach parties, the road trips, beautiful remote beachside locations, crazy characters, and of course the surfing!!! Your Mojosurf adventure will be the highlight of your time in Australia.

Whether it’s a 3 hour surf lesson or a 3 month course you’ll experience everything that makes Mojosurf epic!!

Surf Adventures - Mojo Style

your mojo journey - the search for good times and new experiences are what a Mojosurf lifestyle is all about.

road trippin - surf your way along the coast with a group of new friends, and experience a once in a life time adventure.

surf camp - located directly on Australia’s most beautiful beaches our camp creates the ultimate Aussie surf experience for you.

wildlife and chillin - Enjoy native wildlife, stunning sunrises and sunsets, beach volleyball or just chillin’ in a hammock or sun baking on the sand!

People - Mojo Style

share the experience - You’ll make friends with other travellers from all around the world who are looking for an adventure of a lifetime!

party - At Mojosurf we love to celebrate, so round the campfire or on the beach every night is a Saturday night!

mojo crew - We live this so join us on this journey and meet the crazy crew that make up the Mojo family.

The Mojosurf Story

More than a decade ago two Aussie surfers, Nat and Dan were sitting around the camp fire having a drink and talking about their dreams! They thought that life was too short not to be ‘Livin the Dream’.

Their dream was to share their passion for fun times, adventure and surfing with people from all over the world in some of the most beautiful and remote beaches on the planet. Mojosurf was born!

It now helps hundreds of travellers every year find their mojo on this once in a life time experience! The mojo crew invite you to find your mojo and come ‘Live the Dream’ with them.